Advocates for Youth Opposes the Restructuring of Title X Under Diane Foley

As an organization that has been advocating for young people’s sexual and reproductive health for nearly 40 years, we’re deeply alarmed by a recent proposal from HHS Secretary Azar that would choose ideology over the health and wellbeing of young people.

The proposed restructuring of HHS would give Diane Foley, former CEO of anti-choice organization Life Network, complete control over Title X family planning funds and the Teen Pregnancy and Prevention Program (TPPP) program two programs she’s built a career attacking.

When she led Life Network, Foley was in charge of a network of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) shady businesses that use predatory digital advertising and often unlicensed patient care to deceive people seeking abortion care. Foley has repeated ridiculous and unfounded claims regarding abortion care: she once said condom demonstrations in classrooms could be sexual harassment and has even compared abortion care to the Holocaust.  

It is the government’s responsibility to prepare young people with the resources and skills they need to lead safe and healthy lives. This means providing young people with access to critical information to help them make informed decisions about their bodies, their lives, and their futures — not harmful and ineffective abstinence-only curriculum and crisis pregnancy centers that perpetuate a culture where people are shamed for their personal decisions, including healthcare choices.

Foley is yet another cog in the Trump Administration’s machine focused on ensuring important positions in government are filled by those who actively oppose the mission of the office (see: Valerie Huber, Betsy DeVos, et. al). We share Senator Patty Murray’s concern about how this restructure would negatively impact the communities these programs are meant to serve.