Cat, Photographed by Crystal Smith

The ability to go through a traumatic experience to then see the light through the dark space takes an enormous amount of courage and strength. I became resilient and used my experience as transformational process. I discovered the young woman who was hidden deep in my soul. Having an abortion challenged me to rise to a new level of knowing that I always have the power and my voice matters. Sharing my story is important to me because I want every woman who has been in this position, or currently going through it to know they also are capable of getting through any perceived negative situation by the power of their mind. By moving forward with love & a pure heart, anything is possible with the intention, belief & faith. The story doesn’t end once a decision is made to not bring a life into the world. You are valued, you are loved & your sovereignty is your imprint to the world.” – Cat

Cat was photographed as part of the 1 in 3 Photography Project. See more photos and stories from the project.

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Crystal Smith is an award winning, self-published author and photographer whose work focuses on abstract expressions and portraiture. Crystal is an alumna of Howard University who has worked in the White House press pool and been featured in the New York Times.