Molly, Photographed by Solange Azor

So my abortion story in extremely joyful. I get to live in the best city in the world and pursue the career I have in comedy because of abortion. I have so much love for abortion, it makes me literally jump for joy. || It feels wonderful to be able to fight for reproductive rights by simply telling my story. It’s such a simple act, but it makes me feel extremely powerful. I get to write the narrative around my abortion, only me. Abortion deserves to be front and center, and I’m gunna show it off! – Molly

Molly was photographed as part of the 1 in 3 Photography Project. See more photos and stories from the project.

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Solange Azor is a performer, writer, doula, and activist. She just graduated from Harvard with degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality where she researched and wrote a thesis on humor, performance & pro-abortion activism. This summer, she helped out on the Lady Parts Justice League’s Vagical Mystery Tour.