I wish I could say my abortion changed my life or that it was the most eventful thing in my life, but it wasn’t either of them.

In both cases, my birth control failed, and I did not want to be pregnant. It was not a hard decision, it was just my best decision and my only decision.

I think I am like many thousands of women who have had abortion and it was a normal part of their life. There are many of us who are just not going to have big dramatic stories.

And that is how it should be.

Termination of pregnancy is a life experience that should be seen as many other events, something that happened, that happened safely, at an early gestation, and without a huge amount of drama.

As someone who has performed thousands of abortions over the years, I have seen both ends of the spectrum: those for whom this was a gut wrenching experience, and many, whose experience were like mine.

Everyone has their own internal process, but I hope that someday, abortion will be perceived as rare, safe and when needed, available.