I was 18 and in a relationship of 6 months. We used condoms regularly but if we ran out he would just pull out. In November of 2004 he didn’t pull out soon enough and I got pregnant. I was in my first semester of undergrad and I was scared and internally freaking out. I didn’t know how to tell my boyfriend. The same night I saw my boyfriend at work and he saw that I was visibly distraught. We went to his house afterwards and on his bed I told him I was pregnant. I was a bawling mess and he was wonderful. He said that he would support my decision – that he would raise our child or take me to get an abortion. I was completely heartbroken and had no idea what to do. I never imagined having an abortion let alone getting pregnant so young. But ultimately that was my decision.

There was no Planned Parenthood in my town. We looked up abortion providers online and the closest one was a private clinic over 2 hrs away. I set up an appointment and he drove me to the clinic. I had never been so scared in my life. It was a small back alley office straight out of the horror stories. I felt I had no other choice. We went in and had the surgical procedure done. I woke up in this small room on an old army cot completely disoriented. I started crying in a mixture of fright and relief and right away my boyfriend came in to comfort me. We went home and I took a few days to heal.

The whole process really brought us closer. We were together for over 3 years before petty fights broke us apart. We are friends today over 8 years later and its still our secret. I’ve told friends but never had the courage to tell my family. I still think about it and wonder how my life would have been different if I brought that child into the world. But I never regret my choice. I know it was the best one for me at that time and am forever grateful to my partner for supporting me every step of the way.