I had an abortion when I just graduated college. Before I knew I was pregnant I thought I could take on the world. I scored an amazing job and graduated with two amazing degrees. But, when I discovered I was pregnant was in between college and my job. Plus, my boyfriend and I were deciding if we wanted to stay together. I couldn’t afford a child and my job requires about 80 percent travel. The night I found out I was pregnant I cried on the floor of my bathroom all night. The following day I called and made an appointment to get an abortion but, when I got to the clinic I was too early to terminate my pregnancy. In the state that I live in, I have to wait so I was able to see the fetus on the sonogram. Also, I had to sign a piece of paper that said I waited 24 hours for my abortion and knowledge what other options are out there. Nevertheless, I went back about two weeks later where they were able to see the fetus. But, when I placed in the room where my abortion took place the doctor asked if I brought anybody with me and I said yes. My doctor asked if I wanted to bring my friend back with me to hold my hand. I am very fortunate to have a doctor that cared enough about me as a patient to know that I needed support. My best friend held my hand through the entire procedure and drove me home. When I got home after my abortion my boyfriend at the time didn’t even ask if I was okay, in fact, he forgot. Needless to say, we broke up later that week. It approaching the year mark since I decide to terminate my pregnancy. My life has gotten back on track. I am dating a new guy that I love and knows that I terminated and supported my decision. Sharing my story I want women to know that it is your choice and that you are loved. Don’t let anyone tell you differently because you made a choice for yourself!