Storytellers to Share Personal Abortion Stories as Act of Resistance to the Increasing Threats to Abortion Access During 1 in 3 Campaign Speakout and Lobby Day

LGBT, Immigration, Muslim Rights, and Black Lives Matter Movement Activists to Join as They Fight Attacks on All Sides from Trump Administration

Washington, DC – The 1 in 3 Campaign will host “Stories from the Resistance” an abortion storytelling event where people will share their personal abortion experiences, as part of a campaign to shatter the stigma surrounding abortion care and bring the personal front and center as political attacks on this common procedure escalate.

“Telling our stories is an act of resistance – resistance against restrictions on access, resistance against threats from the Trump Administration, and resistance against the shame that’s kept us quiet for too long,” said Debra Hauser, president of Advocates for Youth, parent organization of the 1 in 3 Campaign. “Too often the political has overpowered the personal in the fight for abortion access, and now more than ever we cannot afford to remain silent and let stigma invade the conversation around a procedure that one in three women will have in her lifetime. This is an issue that affects everyone – not some ideological debate. By standing together to end abortion stigma, sharing our stories, and engaging in a personal conversation about abortion in our society, we can begin to create the understanding we need to make abortion accessible for all who need it.”

This is the third year the 1 in 3 Campaign has hosted the Speakout, which will include a diverse set of storytellers ranging in race, age, gender, and background. With access to abortion care more threatened than ever, this year’s event will feature pre- Roe v. Wade stories, highlighting the risk of rolling back access, and some people sharing their stories publicly for the very first time, emboldened by increasing efforts to restrict access.

The increased attacks on abortion are part of a broader movement by the Administration to strip certain communities of their basic human rights, which is why this year’s Speakout will bring together other movements and causes being threatened by the Trump Administration to stand unified in resistance to its reprehensible and dangerous agenda. The 1 in 3 Campaign will be joined by organizations and individuals from the LGBT community, Muslim rights groups, and Black Lives Matter movements, among others, all of whom will have the opportunity to share their own personal stories, reaffirming the united front pushing back against the divisiveness of this Administration.

“1in3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime, we all love someone that has had an abortion,” said Gaby Hoffmann (Girls, Transparent, Sleepless in Seattle). “When we cast aside stigma and judgment we can create a culture that is more empathic and understanding of the complexities of our lives. One of the best ways to cultivate compassion is through storytelling. Thank you to those who are sharing their stories, I’m proud to stand with you.”

“In 1965 I had an illegal, terrifying, pre-Roe abortion in Tijuana, Mexico. Now, when I see the assault on a woman’s private abortion decisions and the attempts to thwart her responsible contraceptive choices, I am beyond furious. So, I lend my voice to protect our daughters,” says Anne Hopkins, who will share her story at the Speakout and Lobby Day.

Says Shae Jackson, a college student and 1 in 3 activist sharing her abortion story at the Speakout, “I share my story as a form of activism, so it will be added to the diverse narratives of choice, agency and justice.”

Given the onslaught of attacks on access to abortion care, this year 1 in 3 Campaign will also hold its first ever 1 in 3 Campaign Lobby Day on Capitol Hill, taking the fight to shatter the silence directly to Congress with participants sharing their abortion stories on the Capitol Steps and congressional offices to ensure their elected officials understand the personal side of an issue that has become a political pawn.



What: 1 in 3 Campaign Speakout

When: Tuesday, March 21 at 12pm EST

Where: Livestream: http://www.1in3campaign.org ; #1in3Speaks


Lobby Day

What: 1 in 3 Campaign Lobby Day

When/Where: Tuesday, March 21

  • 11:15:  Speakout on Capitol Steps
  • 12pm:  2075 Rayburn
  • 1:30pm – 5:00pm: Congressional Offices


For more information about this year’s Speakout and Lobby Day or to connect with storytellers or the 1 in 3 Campaign for interviews, please contact Kayla Ermanni, kayla.ermanni@berlinrosen.com, 202-800-7408.


About the 1 in 3 Campaign:

The 1 in 3 Campaign, a project of Advocates for Youth, is a grassroots movement designed to ignite a new conversation about abortion, through storytelling, to end the stigma around abortion care in America. Its mission: to ensure that abortion remains safe, legal, and affordable. For more information, please visit: www.1in3campaign.org