I was a single mother of two in the late 80’s when I decided to have an abortion. I was living with my boyfriend and we had been in a relationship for about two years. I was on the birth control pill and I developed a terrible case of strep throat with a respiratory infection that required antibiotics. I took the prescribed dose of medication, while still continuing with my birth control. I wasn’t concerned when I missed my first period because of all the medical things I had been going through.

By the time I realized I was pregnant I was almost 12 weeks along. My boyfriend didn’t have children and we talked many times about how we wanted to proceed but I did not want to have a child at the time and I was concerned about the financial repercussions on my current family. We decided to terminate the pregnancy. He drove me to the clinic and we walked through the protesters to get inside to my appointment. The doctor was concerned that I was further along than I thought and I needed to have an ultrasound which was not available at that time. We had to reschedule to come back the next week when the ultrasound machine would be available.

The next week my boyfriend drove me back to the clinic and we walked the gauntlet of protesters again and had the ultrasound. I was still within the window for the procedure so I had the termination performed. That night was Halloween and I walked my children through the throngs of brightly costumed children and was thankful that I had been able to make sure I would always be able to take care of my family. I have NEVER regretted my choice. I am still so glad EVERY SINGLE DAY that I made the decision I did.