Statement on Trump’s Supreme Court Justice Nominee

The Supreme Court faces many tests in the months ahead – tests of the law, and tests of its humanity. Abortion rights remain under attack in every state. Heartless legislators place LGBT youth at risk with “bathroom bills” that equate to unmitigated discrimination against transgender youth and legislation that condones the refusal of services simply because of a person’s sexual orientation. And on a day to day basis, the Trump administration descends to even lower depths, turning religious discrimination into a legal requirement and threatening millions of immigrants and refugees.

“Supreme Court Justices serve for life, and now more than ever, we need wisdom in Washington, not reactionaries and far-right ideologues.” said Debra Hauser, President of Advocates for Youth. “Can this nominee decide cases fairly and without animus? Will he uphold the rights of our most marginalized and vulnerable citizens, including but not limited to reproductive rights, LGBT equality, and equal right to religious practice? If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, he’s the wrong person for the job.”


Young people, and all Americans, need the highest federal court of the United States to be composed of sensible, seasoned justices who will treat all human beings with dignity and respect. We need a judicial branch free from cooption that will act as a check and balance on this President and keep him from trampling over our democratic ideals and Constitutional rights.

Neil Gorsuch cannot and does not meet these basic qualifications for a Supreme Court Justice who will respect all people and honor the law. Advocates for Youth strongly opposes this nominee and urges the Senate to reject him.