When I was about 5 years old, my mother went into the hospital for a procedure.Years later, my mother, older brothers and I
were talking and she mentioned she had had an abortion. Actually, she had had two abortions within eighteen months of each other. My brothers asked her if they had occurred while she was in the hospital those particular times, and she said yes. What I remember about it is the car trip, but what I took from that experience, and the discussion of it later on, was that having an abortion was no big deal. My mom had the procedure, safely, in a hospital, with no hoopla, angst or trauma. There’s no question in my mind that every woman should be fortunate enough to have a similar experience, should she choose to have an abortion, too.
My oldest brother’s first wife has had at least two (once before they were married and once while they were divorcing). Again, no big deal. It was just a woman controlling her own fertility. My good friend who had one? She was just in control of her own body.
And that’s all it is to me — a woman’s choice about her medical status. That’s all it should be to anyone. Again — this should be no more of an issue than having a mole removed or an appendix out. I’m not the “1 in 3” who had an abortion. I’m half of an infertile couple. I’m more like the “1 with 3” — one woman who knew three women who made that choice for themselves.