I was molested by my step father from the time I was four years old.
At the age of thirteen he brought home a pregnancy test.He told me to “go into the bathroom and read the instructions, it will tell you how to do it”. So, I did. It came back positive. I was in shock. I didn’t know what to do. He told me he would commit suicide, if that’s what I wanted. Then I “could tell everyone he raped me”. I told him this was not an option. He said he would ‘fix this’. A few days later he told me he knew a doctor that could “scrape my uterus and we wouldn’t have to worry anymore”. I didn’t feel I really had any choice. I was only thirteen. I was scared. He took me to the clinic where they interviewed me and asked if I knew who the father was. I lied. I told them it was my boyfriend. I didn’t have a boyfriend. I couldn’t even come up with a name when they asked me. They started the procedure and I can remember the nurse telling me to count down from 100. The next days at school I had to fake an illness as my excuse for taking the pills. I waited three more years to tell my mom what had happened. He went to jail for 26 years. I am now happily married for thirteen years with a beautiful ten year old girl and a loving eight year old boy.