I’m 30 years old. I have a good job and am in the best relationship I’ve ever been in.

I live alone and support myself completely. I got pregnant a few weeks ago by chance; I wasn’t being as safe as I could have, but by no means was cavalier about pregnancy risks. I never saw myself as someone that would have an unplanned pregnancy, but knew in the abstract that I’d choose to terminate a pregnancy if I had to.

As soon as the test came back positive, I was terrified. I couldn’t believe that I was going through this thing I’d long feared. But there was no question: I’d get an abortion. I don’t want kids now, and I’m not sure I ever do. I’m passionate about my career – but more than that, I believe that if I’m going to have a kid, it’s going to be brought into a home that’s completely ready to raise a human being with full attention and care. I’m not ready for motherhood and have no desire to redirect my life due to a wayward sperm. Every woman deserves to make that very important decision on her own.

A lot of people talk about abortion as though it’s a shameful, secretive thing that should be regarded soberly and with some overarching melancholy. Indoctrination by the religious right tells women that our bodies and our lives are created to produce offspring and little else. I refuse to buy into that mentality, and as someone who just did what seemed formerly unthinkable, I want to share that I am empowered, proud, and so grateful that abortion is safe and legal in this country. Abortion is not a crime (yet!). Feeling happy about owning my choices in life, living autonomously, and taking care of my body is an incredible constitutional right that should be protected for all women.

I highly recommend the book PRO by Katha Pollit for any woman looking to learn more about the positive and healthy decision to terminate a pregnancy she doesn’t want.