At the age of 21 I had been struggling with extreme depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder for over 6 years.

Due to my family’s financial background, I had never been able to secure regular medical care for these issues. I had also never been able to use hormonal contraceptives due to the effects worsening my already fragile mental health. However, I had been successfully using a diaphragm and spermicide for years without problems. Right before my 22nd birthday, I found myself pregnant by my then-boyfriend. I later discovered this was due to the spermicide I was using being long expired (in my ignorance at the time I didn’t even know it could expire). I considered all of my options, but both my boyfriend and I were students scraping by on loans and low paying part-time jobs. Our financial situation, combined with my poor health, compelled me to obtain an abortion. Due to the availability of Planned Parenthood services in my area, I was able to have an abortion with relatively little cost and inconvenience. Today I am married to my boyfriend at the time and we have been able to finish school and start professional careers. I am also able to get the medical care that I need. We now have the option to have a child if we choose and bring it into a mentally and financially stable environment. I don’t regret my decision to get an abortion. I am certain that I would still be living in poverty today if I hadn’t ended the pregnancy.