I will admit, for me the 1st month after my abortion there was moments it was hard. I am 24 years old, have been happily married, and have a career I’m excelling in.

It was hard because in society (especially living in the southern Bible Belt) I knew I would be viewed as a fine situation for a mother. But, I just had a career change. I had a great kick start with my job when I found out I was pregnant. My mind raced for options, pros/cons list & anything you could think of. My cons outgrew the pros. I have depression, no family support system, just making ends meet, a lot of medical and student debt, my career would end, and put a huge toll on my marriage. I knew then that at this time was not a good time to raise a child.
The appointment was made, I had the surgical procedures about 2 weeks later when I was 6 weeks along. After it was done I was upset, not of regret but it’s a sad situation. I love my husband so much and would love to have a child from us but can’t right now.
What helped me the most was another patient. She was in the recovery room when I arrived in tears. She actually was a nurse and had a 2 year old boy. We had talked about our back story and both agreed we definitely made the right decision. The staff was also informative and very helpful. It has now been 4 months since my abortion. My marriage is as healthy as ever, I’m doing well and growing at my job, and really believe that abortion was the best decision I could of ever made.