I was 27 when I had my abortion. I was a single parent, working two jobs and attending university full-time. I had spent the two years since my son’s birth scrambling to assemble a decent life for us. A second child would have crushed me financially. Everything I had spent two years working to achieve would have crumbled. I had an abortion so that my son and I could have a chance at a decent life. I am six months away from graduating from a highly competitive nursing program. This would not have been possible if I had a second child. I do not regret my abortion. I rarely even think about my abortion. That said, everyday, in every way, I am grateful for the wonderful care I received during the abortion procedure. I am grateful for all the healthcare professionals working to keep abortion safe and legal. I am grateful for every medical and nursing school that has refused to back down, and continues to teach abortion care, despite the threats and violence associated with doing so.