I was an adult, married woman of 25. We had just had a baby. This baby was not growing and was hospitalized at 3 months.

As I was breastfeeding I received extensive testing and even x-rays to determine if I had any health issue that could be effecting the breast milk. Immediately after this I found out I was pregnant. My (then) husband and I met with DRs due to the amount of testing and the x-rays just done. We were told there was a small chance that the fetus could have issues. As we already had one child in hospital with health issues we discussed it jointly and decided to not go through with this pregnancy. At the time I felt we had been fully open and honest with each other. I felt no pressure nor believe I placed any pressure on him. In fact, at the time, I felt my husband was supportive and loving. He was with me during the whole procedure and even follow up appointment. I actually felt closer to him and more loved after the abortion due to his support, behavior and attitude shown.

When we broke up several years later he threw the abortion in my face, saying I had probably killed his son and that he had never wanted it. What I had viewed as a strong time in our marriage was destroyed.
I do not regret the abortion. What I learned was that a woman needs to take care of herself and do what is best for her in her situation. In our society men can and do walk away. They will even use the abortion against you.

I am now 60 and still do not regret the abortion. During my life I have seen women advocate for better and more birth control options. To have birth control covered by insurance. Until men are out there advocating for their own birth control options they are choosing to leave the primary responsibility to not get pregnant on the female. SO the primary decision to go through or not go through with a pregnancy also needs to be with the female.