I had an abortion when I was a freshman in college and was in my first sexual relationship.

We didn’t use birth control and just thought if we were “careful” there was nothing to worry about. When I found out I was pregnant and that I could obtain an abortion, I was filled with gratitude and relief that I had a choice NOT to be pregnant.

I experienced zero trauma or guilt then or now, and continue now many years later to be profoundly grateful for the opportunity to control my reproductive system so that my life choices could continue to be exactly those…choices. The imposition of laws or the beliefs of others who would take away these choices is immoral and barbaric. Pregnancy is a biological result of sexual activity. It is not a moral, religious or spiritual obligation of any woman to allow a physiological process to continue if she does not want it to continue. Women who choose to have a child may do so of their own free will; women who choose not to have a child may also do so of their own free will with freedom of choice, thankfully and gratefully.