I am 19 yrs old and I just had my abortion about a month ago. I found out I was pregnant after my period was late by 7 days and I decided to take a home pregnancy test which was positive.

I cried the whole day knowing right there that this was a disaster for my family as my dad has diabetes and my parent’s are not happily married i knew that this was going to break them apart and my dad was going to be very Ill or he was going to die. I did tell my boyfriend or 5 yrs but we are on and off and he was very happy and I couldn’t tell him how i really feel as he thought it was a good thing I decided to talk to my aunt who asked me what I wanted to do and at that time I wasn’t sure coz I was always against abortion and she said all the things that was gonna go wrong if I keep the baby and I saw that this was the only option I had before deciding on abortion I used to wish that I miscarry it and it will all go away well I went to a local clinic were they gave me a date to come do it well I had no feelings about what I was going and was relieved after deciding that I was gonna abort as I am still young and have dreams to achieve well the day of the procedure came and I went there well I was kind of happy that I was doing this and of course I didn’t tell my boyfriend the truth I told him I miscarried which he believed and unfortunately at the clinic they did not clean me well which resulted in an incomplete abortion which I released a month after the procedure as I started bleeding heavily with clots and I was taken to the hospital were they cleaned me again. Sometimes I do regret my decision but I know there is no going back and I have to live with it and times I have troubles sleeping. As I keep on thinking that I shouldn’t have done it, I know it was a right decision.