The day I found out I was pregnant was ironically Father’s Day.

I had just finished my freshman year of college and just turned 19 years old. I looked at my parents with a heavy feeling of guilt and they could sense my uneasiness.

I knew that I would not be able to give my unborn child what my parents gave me. My boyfriend at the time had broken up with me a week before I found out. I woke up feeling nauseous before I would go to work and I knew something was wrong. I kept telling myself there was no way I was pregnant because I was taking the pill. I went to the nearest drug store to pick up a couple pregnancy tests. The first one was positive- and I thought it was wrong. I was in denial and I bought a few more and realized that a positive test is rarely wrong. I told my ex boyfriend and he told me without any sympathy to make an appointment at a clinic for an abortion. I did not want to keep the unborn baby but I was hurt at how uncaring he was. He told me he would take me to the clinic and would pay half of the portion. The day came for my appointment and he was late to pick me up. I called him and woke him up. I was so mad at him and then he told me he didn’t have the money when we got to the clinic. I thought to myself that I was pregnant with a baby by a child himself. I had my ultrasound and the doctor estimated that I was about 7 weeks pregnant. I cried to her and she reassured me that this was my decision and that it was ok. The actual procedure was so painful to me and immediately after I almost passed out and broke into a sweat. Nobody came to check on me or clean me up and I checked out at the front office and they gave me antibiotics. I think about it often but I do not regret my decision to have an abortion. People criticize abortions but I’m glad that I had the option to do it. I was not mentally or financially ready to bring a child into this world and I have since been able to continue my education and life.