When I was 21 and in college I found out I was pregnant.

My friend make some comment about her period and I realized I hadn’t had mine since May and it was July. I called my newly ex-boyfriend and told him I needed him to come talk to me in person.

He said, “you’re going to have to tell me why. Then asked, “Are you pregnant?” I broke down into tears and he said he was on his way. He wasn’t ready to be a dad and I wasn’t ready to be a mom. He took me to a clinic where I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. I asked to be put under for the abortion; I didn’t want to be awake for it. I woke up and it was over. I felt pressure from my mom and my ex, but they were both right: we weren’t ready to be parents.

Here I am 8 years later, I have a masters degree (not sure if I would’ve finished college if I’d had that baby), I’m married and I have a baby that I am finally ready for.