I was 18 and just graduated high school. I had a four-year, full-ride scholarship to a great, private college. I was having unsafe sex because I was young and believed that antiquated forms of birth control would work. They didn’t. I got pregnant.

I was filled with dread. Terror. Horror. Shame. I did not want to have a child. The thought did not even cross my mind that I could go through with it. I knew I had to end that mass of cells from growing. I made an appointment the moment I found out, which was actually a week or so before the abortion procedure could be medically effective. The actual procedure doesn’t feel good physically, but emotionally, I was fine. There is no shame or regret in the decision I made.

That fall, I went to college. I actively participated in my education, studying abroad & off-campus. I graduated on time in four years, with my BA and no debt. This allowed me to immediately start my career in organizing and fundraising. I’m now earning my Masters degree and working full time. I am able to travel and am engaged to the love of my life with whom I will choose and plan to start a family.