I was 25 years old and was backpacking around the world with my boyfriend after we graduated from college.

When I got pregnant, it was not a complicated decision for me. We loved each other but were just not ready for kids, emotionally or financially.

It was not a big deal for either of us and I was simply relieved when it was over. At seven weeks, it was more minor surgery than having a tooth pulled. I’ve never looked back or questioned my decision. I have no apologies and don’t feel like I should have to pretend otherwise.

I’m 31 now, and my boyfriend and I are still together, living in San Francisco. We have successful careers and a lot of freedom to stay out late or travel on a whim. All that would have been more unlikely if we had a six year old right now. We’re still not sure if we ever want kids, because we truly enjoy our freedom. Maybe we will and maybe we won’t, but either way it will be our choice.