I waited until I was 18 to have sex and was certain that I knew everything I needed to know. My mom was very open, I read all the books, and had some sex education in high school. What I wasn’t prepared for was getting involved with a really good liar.

He was a few years older than me and told me that he was infertile. When we were just about to get intimate (my first time) and I pulled out a condom he said that we didn’t need that because he and his ex tried to get pregnant and weren’t able to. He said his doctor confirmed it. I thought to myself “What 24 year old guy talks to his doctor about this?” I should have gone with my instinct, but I was ready to take the plunge (very ready).

Sure enough a few weeks later, after coming out of the bathroom for the third time that day it just hit me. I knew at that moment that I was pregnant. I took the test and it told me what I already knew. Children were definitely not part of my plan. Not that I had much of a plan, but kids were not on my radar. I made the decision to have an abortion and have never regretted it for one moment. I thought I might want to have children one day, but as it turns out i never did. I have a great life and don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything. My husband and I work hard, travel, enjoy our pets and our friends. I hope other women find peace with their decision.