I am 30 years old and just had an abortion last week. It was not a difficult decision; as soon as I saw the pregnancy test I knew I could not have this child.

I had left an abusive relationship 2 years earlier and moved myself and my 4-year old daughter back in with parents. At the time, I had been struggling financially with student loan debt and was working as a waitress. I worked my way up in the company I had recently started at, and now have a low-level management position. About 3 months ago I met a man at work and we started dating. While I really like him, the truth is, things are so new we hardly know each other. We both have ambitions to move up in our company and I feel that announcing we were having a child together after so briefly dating would not reflect well on our integrity! Additionally, I’m still living with my parents and just starting to get back on my feet financially. I made the decision before I even told my partner. He was supportive of my decision. He offered to help pay, but I would not accept money from him, I did not want to have that between us, as odd as that sounds. I feel no regret, but sometimes a little sadness that I managed to get myself in that situation.