My first pregnancy was at 16 yrs old, and I knew it was wrong. I didn’t have an abortion because my religious mother cried to me not to.

I was a child, I made a mistake that I didn’t know any better about, but I went on with the pregnancy. After that I was adamant about knowing everything about birth control and sexual health since it really wasn’t offered at school. I spent a lot of time at Planned Parenthood, they’re my saviors. At 21, with a 4 year old son, I became pregnant again because of a birth control mishap. I was merely dating the man, I was still a student, still poor and knew this time NO ONE was going to tell me to not have an abortion. My son’s life is hard enough as it is, it is not the life he should be having. I’m 24 now, single mom, almost done with school (still poor) and as hard as things still are, I can’t imagine the burden a second child would have brought on to my son and me. We would never make it out, especially alone. I have never regretted my abortion.