I am 60 years old and have had 4 abortions. Each experience was different and for different reasons, which were deeply personal. Yes, it was sad and emotional but I’m happy I was able to have them.

The first one at 15, the second one at age 19, the third was during my marriage at age 31 ( I had 2 toddlers and we couldn’t care for another one so soon) and one at age 40, 3 years after my divorce. I am so thankful that Planned Parenthood was there to help me for the first two and Choice Clinics helped me for the next two.

I knew that this was absolutely the right thing to do. I am not ashamed and have never regretted or felt guilty about it. The procedure was simple and respectful and I felt a sense of knowing that this was okay to do on a spiritual level. We are way more than our bodies and I knew that I was not doing a “sinful” thing. It was always a huge relief after the abortion was over. I am so grateful for being able to have a choice.