All Young People Have the Right to Lead Safe and Healthy Lives

The death of Michael Brown represents only one small piece of the systemic injustice and violence that all too frequently cause young people, particularly young men of color, irreparable harm in our communities. No young person’s life should end under such tragic circumstances — circumstances that are far too common. Too many of our young people in the United States and around the world grow up in fear and at risk of violence and harm from a society that does not give them the rights and respect they deserve. At the very least, young people should not fear violence or danger from those whose duty it is to protect and serve. We all need to keep working for a culture and for policies that value young people, create opportunities for them, and make them part of the solution.. All young people deserve, and have the right to lead, safe and healthy lives.

Young people in communities around the nation have stood up against the continued injustices and called for real solutions to the systemic injustice. We stand in solidarity with those exercising their right to nonviolent protest and making efforts to find lasting change.