I was 19 years old and my partner was 22. I was a week late on my period and my breasts were very swollen and sore, so I had my friend who works at a medical clinic bring home a test for me. I was almost positive before taking the test that I was pregnant so when the results came back positive I was not in as much shock.

I think I knew right away what my decision was going to be. My partner and I were not in love and there was no way I could raise a child and not be married to the father. It hurts so much to this day (2 years later) and I think about it often. I wonder if the man who would have been the father ever thinks about it or feels pain like I do. He was supportive and offered to go with me but I chose to have two close friends with me.

Having an abortion has had a tremendous impact on much of my life. I often drive past the Planned Parenthood (who were so supportive, nonjudgmental and just so amazing) where I had the procedure done and people sometimes stand outside holding signs. I try and stay strong as often as possible but one day while driving by, they were people outside and I burst into tears.

It also effects my sex life and my future partners. It’s like giving them a piece of my soul, something I hold so sacredly within my heart, and hope they don’t hate me for it, for something I can never change. I am thankful for the support I received at the time and for websites like this that make hard days a lot better.