When I was 32 I landed an Expat job for a 2 year stint in Australia. A single woman living in a foreign country an ocean away from friends and family can get lonely. I was on the pill, however the crazy schedule I was working, caused me to miss doses here and there. So when I ended up pregnant after a brief affair, I went looking right away for options.

I found out that in Australia, territories have their own rules. I traveled to a neighboring territory to be able to have the abortion in one day. Also, unlike my very awake and painful DC abortion I had in College, this time, I was put under sedation.

Mostly I felt as if my body was betraying me, the hormones with their manipulative whispers. I went to a local OBGYN doctor who, after consultation, recommended a tubal. There have been no regrets in these decisions. In fact I rarely think about them except when I read about women who don’t have these options. I was very lucky to have control over my life, to be able to live my life as I see fit.