In April 2014 I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend of 4 years and I were both still in College, living at home, and working part time. Growing up, I was raised Roman Catholic and was sent to a private school. Sex was never talked about and abortion was never an option.

As I grew older and worked my way through high school and college my views changed, I became pro-choice and firmly believe that what a woman chooses to do with her body is strictly HER choice. I never thought I would get pregnant at 22. My boyfriend and I were shocked,terrified and completely lost. I didn’t believe the faint pink lines on that plastic stick so I made an appointment with my doctor, who sure enough confirmed that I was in fact pregnant. We went back and forth for a week trying to make a decision. How was i suppose to finish medical school and a clinical rotation with a child? How was he going to finish school? How were we going to support ourselves? Never in my life have I struggled so much as I did in trying to choose if I was going to become a mother, or wait until the time was right for my boyfriend and myself. After a lot of thought and consideration of our options, I choose to have a medication abortion. I know I made the right decision even though it was extremely difficult. I want to be able to provide my children with stability which at this point in my life, I can’t provide. My boyfriend and I want children someday, but we also want to become successful, build a home, and a solid foundation to provide our children with everything they could ever want and need. One day it’ll happen but right now just was not the right time, and thats ok.