At 20 years old I got pregnant. My boyfriend has a 4 year old son already and he is a terrific dad. I didn’t know I was pregnant until going to my family doctor.

I had taken 2 at home pregnancy tests before and they both came up negative. I went to the doctor thinking something else might be wrong with me. I am a nursing major and have had late/missed periods before due to stress from school work and home problems. When the doctor came in and told my boyfriend and i we were pregnant my stomach dropped. To this day i still feel as if i never was pregnant because i never showed any signs. I was almost 3 months and just made it to be able to have an abortion. I decided this because although my boyfriend has a son we as a couple were not ready. I want to finish nursing school. I was afraid to tell my parents. We made an appointment to have the abortion, and i didnt even know if i qualified for one until the doctor did the ultra sound. He said i was between 10-11 weeks. They wont do one 12 and up. I smiled with relief. If i was more than 12 we planned on keeping the baby. I was nervous for the surgery, i had to work overtime at my job that same week and went to the abortion clinic on my only day off. The abortion didnt really hurt, and when it was over they sent me to this room gave me a heating pad a blanket hot tea and crackers. They really cared about me and all of the other women. I talked with the nurse about rachel ray who was on tv. I aslo told her how nervous i was. My family doctor told me i was “very pregnant” whatever that means. I can’t get over how nice the clinic was. When i was cleared to leave i went back to the waiting room where my boyfriend was. He smiled at me and we left. I was so happy this weight got lifted off my shoulders. We went to ihop and had breakfast than went home and took a nap so i could sleep off the medicine they gave me. I think about my abortion everyday. How right now i would be about 7 months. I wonder if i would have had a boy or girl and i do get sad sometime. I know this was the best decision for me. My boyfriend and i are the only two who know about the abortion. Maybe one day ill tell someone but im not ready. My boyfriend and i plan to get married and have children when we are ready. I am so thankful to have him support me.