I’ve been a single mother of two (no support) since 1997. In 2005, I finally made it to college working full-time days and schooling at night.

My form of birth control was IUD (and still is) which had been in place since 1999 and was to last through 2009. In 2006 I had a particularly active sex life with a really great boyfriend and found out I had gotten pregnant. Needless to say everyone that examined me was shocked, only one professional had seen it before. The IUD copper is the most effective birth control available. My boyfriend supported my decision-whatever I wanted. I felt an abortion was the only way to do justice to me and my existing children because I didn’t want to stay forever dependent on another man to financially care for me (and them). I was starting my third year of college and I had to continue so I could get on my feet; I chose to do the abortion pill. Please note the difference – it is not a morning after pill. This, is available only in the early stages of pregnancy and is inserted in your vagina. I slept while it happened (cramping) and my boyfriend stayed by my side. As is happened, he broke it off with me several months later. It was the right thing and he and I are still friends.