I had one abortion when I was 21. I am now 68. I am a rape survivor.

I was raped at 4 by my father. I had little relationship with my family and found myself pregnant from a man I barely knew. I had been drinking. Shortly after I found that I was pregnant, my sister came to me asking me to care for her and hide her from our parents because she was pregnant. Abortion was illegal so I had to find a backstreet provider. It was horrible. First my cervix was packed to induced cramping for a day. Then I had the procedure without any pain meds. It was suction. The next day, I was in terrible pain so I went back. They had missed tissue and did a D and C again without pain meds. It was excruciating. I spent the next year afraid that the police would find out and arrest me. I also had a nightly dream that a tiny two inch girl walked beside me and I stepped on her. I worked and took care of my sister. She had a girl and gave her up for adoption. My husband and children know this story. I told a different sister a few years ago and she pronounced me a murderer. Abortion has to remain legal. Making it illegal does not stop abortion. It, instead, makes it unsafe.