I terminated two pregnancies, one the year before and one the year after I had my daughter.

The first was an accident. I do not know how it happened. I was using condoms successfully with my to-be husband for eight years. We met in medical school, had been married for five years and our marriage was not doing well. The second was an accident with a boyfriend one year after I left my first husband. He mostly used withdrawal and had been successful for one year. We did not smoke marijuana, but I had one old marijuana cigarette at a weekend house and he thought he could control himself and he couldn’t. I had no second thoughts or regrets. Neither was traumatic. The first was 1971 when pregnancy termination was legal in NYS. Both were done in hospitals by doctors with brief general anesthesia which was completely successful, no pain. I have no shame to tell anyone I terminated two pregnancies. The climate has changed, the conditions have changed. Sad.