I got pregnant as a teen, by my boyfriend. He was irresponsible, and I had mental health problems. My parents were older, old enough to be my grandparents. They were not able or willing to help me raise a child. So they took me to have the surgical procedure, which was performed by an ob/gyn. He’s the one who had verified that I was pregnant. The next year, still a teen having mental problems, I got pregnant again, by another irresponsible boyfriend.

I had a lab test that verified it, at the place where I worked. My boyfriend wouldn’t help, when I asked him to pay half of what it was going to cost me to have the surgical procedure at a clinic. So I had to get an advance on my pay. A nurse I worked with at the time, made sure that I got some time off. She picked me up, drove me to the clinic, waited for me in the waiting room, and then took me to her house to spend the night. She looked after me, and took me home the next day. I lived by myself at the time. I never had any physical complications from the procedures. Later, when I was mature, I met and married a nice man. We had a daughter together, and I helped to raise his son. I had no complications with my pregnancy, labor, or delivery. My husband and I are still married today. Our kids are grown and doing fine. I am done beating myself up for these choices, or for any others. I am now at peace, and wish everyone else peace as well.