I had an abortion when I was a 23 year old college senior. The pregnancy was the result of a one night stand. I voluntarily looked at my ultrasound before the procedure.

I have no excuses for my unwanted pregnancy; I was not raped and I was not using protection or birth control; I knew the risk. However, I did believe pregnancy to be unlikely because I was not at the right time in my cycle to be ovulating and I instructed the man to “pull”; he did not and I became pregnant. He refused to return my calls or answer my emails, instead having his currently pregnant baby’s mother to respond, a woman several years younger than me that I never knew existed. I was financially incapable, emotionally unprepared, and mentally unwilling to raise a child in such circumstances; not for my struggle, but for the struggle a future child would face in such a situation. I do not regret my decision.