When I found out in college I was pregnant I was instantly filled with panic and fear. I instantly knew I would have an abortion, I just dreaded having to actually figure out where and how, and wondered what it would be like to go through it alone. After it was all arranged and I arrived on the day I was really surprised to see who filled up the waiting room.

It wasn’t just wayward looking teens, or hungover looking college girls (like myself), but also lots of responsible looking older couples who were making considered family planning choices. The procedure itself was fast and painless and by the next day I felt totally back to normal. I have since gone on to get a masters, go to medical school and have a long-term healthy relationship. I know some people can still achieve this even with an unplanned pregnancy and motherhood, but it’s not an extra responsibility I wanted to take on while pursuing my goals. I have never regretted it and would make the same choice if I had a do over. I did experience some guilt at not feeling guilty, as well as the initial fear. For this reason I made a conscious decision always to be open about it, so that people can talk to me if they find themselves in a similar situation.