I had two abortions. Both happened during long term relationships. First pregnancy happened at 18, just because we were too young and silly. I’m incredibly happy that I did that and could study and work without any other “problems”. I wasn’t ready, nor was my bf. Later I found out that he is a terrible man who lied to me a lot and who was stealing my money.

Now imagine if I had married him and gave birth to his kid. How good my life would be? When I found out all this “pleasant” stuff I decided to break up with him, but he wasn’t agree. He raped me to make a baby, to stop me from leaving. Sod’s Law in work: I got pregnant. Honestly, I was thinking if I should do one more abortion, because I had another man who agreed to be a father for my kid. In the end I had to do the abortion, because the embryo’s heart stopped (at less than 3 months). In the end of the story I was left alone and had to move to another country and it was much easier, because, again, I didn’t have kids. First of all, I need to tell that abortions pills are amazing: fast and not dangerous, help up to 8 weeks of pregnancy. Your period just begins again and that is it (well, with some pain, of course). Nothing to be scared of. Girls and women, I don’t tell that abortion is a very good thing, but at the same time it is not a bad thing either. Kids are great, they are flowers of life, but only when you are ready to grow these flowers, when you have some base to support them. Don’t listen to anybody else: it is your body and your life. Bring joy and happiness to you and your kids and only when you will be ready for that.