I’m not sure if you’re still doing this project/website but I have nobody that understands so maybe it’ll help? I was 18 when I made the choice, am 22 now.

I am still with the guy which I feel is good and bad, I’m not sure we would be as strong as we are without the experience but I am also not sure if we would have lasted through a pregnancy. Not even my parents know. When I found out the only thing I could think was “no”. Had my bf expressed he wanted to keep it I most likely would have. Even 3.5-4 years later I’m not sure how I feel about it, I can’t talk to anyone it seems because they either don’t have the experience or an open mind. I don’t feel as though I made the wrong decision, though I do think about it maybe more than I should. The thing I question most is whether or not I’ll be a good mom once it happens because I feel as though abortion shouldn’t be the first instinct that you should feel. Anyone else have the same sort of feelings?