It moves me so I asked her permission to share it.

Her entire life, her parents pressured her to marry a white man. She was home schooled and went along with what she was taught until she went to college.

However, it was too late by then. She had been “fixed up” with a white male in her small rural home town. He raped her daily with his patriarchal nature. She became pregnant multiple times during those 5 years. She had to hide getting an abortion. Her college friends were supportive but she feared her family and her “husband” and had to hide a simple medical procedure from them out of fear of how they would react.

This is unacceptable and makes me remember the hardships my own ancestors had to go through during the Holocaust. Through various means and supportive friends, she was able to divorce this man. She now lives with her loving wife. She is pregnant again with a beautiful multiracial daughter now. She intends to keep her.

The moral of the story is that one should not have to hide to remove unwanted babies from the world, but rather should embrace multiculturalism and hope for a brighter future.