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I gave birth to my second child, a son, when I was 20 years old. Promptly following the 6 week check up, I went on oral birth control.


I had my first and only abortion at a Planned Parenthood center in April of 2013. Protesters stood outside, calling me a "young mother" and asking me not to do it. I was 22, scared, and miserable.


The first 16 years of my life were something out of a Lifetime Channel movie; alcoholic, misogynist, abusive stepfather, enabling and psychologically damaged mother, and a spoiled, bratty, but obedient younger sister.


I never expected I would have an abortion. I supported it being a legal procure, but out of a sense of ethics and feminism, not because I expected to need one.


I was 23 and in the worst days of my life. I was confused about what I wanted from life and I was living in a place where those who surrounded me had a great influence on me.

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