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I had a late term abortion at 27 weeks in August of 2018. I was pregnant with my much wanted third child and up until 25 weeks I was told my daughter was looking great. I was so relieved as I was 35 in in the "advanced maternal age" category. At 25 weeks I went to my doctor for a follow up sonogram to get a view of my baby's heart. That is when my life got turned upside down.

Corinne S

I am a Lesbian. I was 22. I fell in Love with a man. I was not conscious of my need for Birth Control as usually, I didn't need it. He didn't see it as his responsibility.


I met the love of my life in 2015. We were happily married in September of 2016 and by July of the next year we decided it was time to start expanding our family of two and three fur babies to include a human baby. Surprise! I peed on a stick in September and BAM!, we got what we were hoping for, a big positive result.

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