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I got pregnant while living in Guatemala as a volunteer teacher. My Mayan boyfriend was not a suitable life partner for me, and had once told me he was anti-abortion and that if I was ever in a situation where I wanted one I shouldn't tell him--so I didn't.


It was 1973 I was 21 and had a was seeing someone who after a nice dinner out had sex with for the first and last time. It was only my 2ndsexual experience so to even think I was pregant was not even a possiblity, so I thought.


I cannot say that I am like most of the women on here. I deeply regret my abortion. In the prior 10 years, I would've told people differently.


I was 18 years old. I had just graduated high school. It was my summer vacation before college. I can distinctly remember when I figured out I was pregnant.


I have had two abortions - one at age 23 and another at age 24. I had just graduated college with a bachelor's degree, and my boyfriend and I had just gotten together.

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