Stop Brett Kavanaugh

Young people are organizing to stop the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Justice – starting with a lobby day on Capitol Hill to ask Senators to vote down Kavanaugh.  Check out their open letter:

To: US Senators
From: Advocates for Youth

Dear Senators,

Brett Kavanaugh might be fooling some politicians and journalists, but he’s not fooling us. We know a threat when we see one. And Kavanaugh is a threat to young people everywhere. We refuse to allow this administration cement their platform of hate into our nation for generations to come.

As young people, we know first-hand that the anxiety and fear experienced by underrepresented and marginalized communities is real, and not without precedent.nn

Families, separated at the border, with children left to live in cages. LGBTQ youth facing the threat of being denied services because of who they are. Abortion care under constant threat and at risk of being entirely outlawed. A climate of fear and hostility toward Muslims, and ever more brazen actions by white supremacists. This is the reality young people are facing.

If Kavanaugh is confirmed for a lifetime seat on this country’s highest court, young people will be impacted for the rest of our lives. Our future to love who we want, to access reproductive health care including birth control and abortion, and to live without constant attacks to our health and wellbeing is in jeopardy. Young people want to move this country forward, not backwards. We need courageous leaders to be in solidarity with us – not elected officials who sell us out every time it’s politically convenient.

This is our country, our judicial branch, our lives, and our future. We’ll be looking to our Senators to represent our interests and reject Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. Don’t underestimate the passion and perseverance of our generation. We demand Senators reject this nominee.

Young People