so I won’t say what it is. But I got pregnant and found out when I was about 7 weeks along. My periods were always messed up because I stopped hormonal birth control. We had other protection that obviously didn’t work. My first appointment, I was so nervous. I’m in Ohio and after the first appointment, you must wait at least 24 hours before having the procedure. But they were so nice, and not overly sorry for me. They did an ultrasound, and asked if we wanted to see, although we didn’t. I had a dot of blood taken to see if I was rh positive but I wasn’t, then I talked to a counselor on why I chose to do this and she explained everything in detail. I lived far from the clinic by the time I was in for my second, and final, appointment. I was 11 weeks and 1 day on the day of the procedure. I chose no anesthesia. And because of that, I got to go home 30 mins after it was done. As soon as I was called back, I was so nervous. Just about the pain. For everyone, it’s different pain-wise – remember that. But everything, from the beginning, putting my feet in the stir-ups, to getting wheeled out, was a total of about 3 mins. But it hurt. There was a nurse holding my hand as I breathed. I felt about 3 to 4 pinches and it was over. I’m on day three now and am starting to bleed a little more but no pain really at all. I don’t regret my decision at all. Yes I carry a genetic disorder but that doesn’t matter. If you’re just not ready to have a child or don’t want one, don’t let anyone change your mind. It will alter YOUR life so don’t let someone else choose for you. And do your research about the place you go to. Please ladies. Try to get some financial help. I paid $400 total for both appointments I had. Doing your research is my strongest advice because all places are not treated equally.