Statement on Trump Administration’s Attempts to Roll Back Protections for Transgender Students

This week, the Trump administration, infamous for its callous policies and bigoted attitudes toward those most vulnerable took another step toward injustice when the Department of Education and the Department of Justice rescinded guidance that protects transgender children and teens from bullying in schools.

“Transgender youth, like all youth, deserve the administration’s protection. Schools must provide a safe haven for all of our children to learn and grow–not just those that meet the administration’s idea of ‘mainstream.’. By rescinding the Title IX nondiscrimination guidance that protects transgender children and teens, the administration takes another step towards empowering ignorance and intolerance and leaves some of our most vulnerable children at the mercy of those who wish them harm,” said Debra Hauser, President of Advocates for Youth.  “Transgender youth face some of the worst bullying in schools – bullying from their fellow students, from school administrations, and now, from the administration itself. This from a president that says he is not a bigot or a bully.  But Mr. Trump’s bigoted policies and failure to denounce prejudice speaks volumes. Trans young people are a vital part of our communities.  They should be valued and celebrated for who they are, not treated as outcasts or threats.”

“Further, the Trump Administration’s guidance simply does not change the law, especially in light of a pending Supreme Court case on this very issue.  Transgender students are still protected under federal law.  Schools should ignore this guidance and work even harder to create safe spaces within our schools for all of our children, including transgender young people.”