Statement on the Confirmation of Tom Price

Tom Price has proven himself an opponent of young people’s health. Price has co-sponsored legislation that would outlaw abortion, stem cell research, forms of contraception, and in vitro fertilization. He has vigorously opposed women’s constitutionally recognized right to abortion care, voting to: deny abortion coverage for women with private health insurance, ban abortion care as early as 20 weeks, and deny low-income women coverage for abortion care.  He has also committed to undermining the Affordable Care Act, which has made critical healthcare services more accessible to young people, including screenings for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV, contraceptive care, pregnancy-related care, HPV immunizations, and gender-affirming healthcare for transgender youth, among other services. That is all in addition to concerns about corruption which surround this nominee.  Advocates condemns the appointment of Tom Price in the strongest possible terms. We urge Secretary Price to keep in place policies which protect the health and lives of young people, and keep his pledge to maintain protections for LGBTQ young people.