Statement on Loss of Key Title X Provisions

Advocates for Youth strongly condemns Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk’s ruling striking down the confidentiality provisions for minors seeking birth control at Title X clinics in Texas.This ruling is misguided and another attack on reproductive health and rights in this country from an anti-reproductive-health movement emboldened by the Dobbs decision.  

Research clearly demonstrates that while many young people willingly speak with their parents before getting contraception, others are unable to do so for various reasons. Between 17% and 19% of students responding to the 2021 Texas Youth Risk Behavior Survey reported that at some point in their lives they lived apart from their parent or guardian because the adult was incarcerated.  Nineteen percent reported having lived with someone with a drinking or drug problem. 

Young people have the right to protect their health and their futures.  Though Texas’ young people will still be able to seek out confidential STI testing and other health services, mandating parental involvement in decisions regarding contraception leaves too many Texas youth vulnerable and unprotected. 

Title X was designed to empower young people to make informed and healthy decisions about contraception guided by the advice of a trained medical clinician. Mandating parental involvement in decisions regarding contraception is misguided, willfully ignorant and dangerous to Texas’ youth.