New Year, Same Attacks on Abortion Access

“We’re not surprised to learn that more than 200 Republican members of the United States Congress have signed a letter openly requesting the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.  These politicians have no regard for women’s autonomy, health, and lives. They have endangered abortion access at every opportunity with dangerous policy and outright lies, openly stating that their goal is to end legal abortion in this country.  We’re not surprised. But we are horrified.  

As one of the millions who has needed an abortion in my lifetime, I feel this attack very personally. And as someone who works with hundreds of young people, I’m outraged by the sheer gall of these politicians who believe they know what is best for any of us facing an unplanned pregnancy.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of people, including young people, need abortion care just as I did. These members of Congress are asking that regardless of our circumstances we should be forced to carry these pregnancies to term or face legal consequences for seeking the care we need. 

In June Medical vs Gee, SCOTUS will reconsider a type of law that was already determined to be unconstitutional by the 2016 Supreme Court. This time, they will do it with a conservative majority obtained under a cloud of scandal and misconduct. And now, anti-abortion activists will exploit this debacle to endanger our lives even further. Young people, and the millions of people like me who have had abortions, won’t stand for these attacks. We are organizing to ensure that everyone who needs an abortion can get one safely, regardless of their address, age, or income level.   We’ll take care of each other, because it is crystal clear that these politicians have no regard for the complexity of our lives or our right to bodily autonomy.” – Debra Hauser, President, Advocates for Youth