New rule strips millions of abortion coverage

This morning, the Trump Administration finalized a rule that will take insurance coverage of abortion away from millions of patients. The rule requires that plans on the Affordable Care Act exchanges offer separate coverage for abortion. It places burdensome regulations on insurers, dissuading them from offering abortion coverage, and will cause confusion among people who access their health plan through the ACA marketplaces, leading to people no longer having coverage they may need. The change could result in as many as 3.1 million women who purchase their health plan on the Affordable Care Act marketplaces losing critical coverage of abortion.   

Healthcare coverage is already a barrier for young people, and making abortion coverage even more complicated is just another attempt by the Administration to ban abortion. 

With young people overwhelmingly accessing healthcare through the ACA marketplaces, this new rule could lead to million young people losing coverage and affordable access to abortion.

Young people face the highest rates of unemployment and the highest rates of poverty of any age group. They need more, not less, access to abortion care. This rule is yet another in a series of relentless attacks on abortion care by this Administration and this Congress. Young people won’t stand for policy makers who are hellbent on denying their rights and taking away vital health care services.